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A giant flock of northbound white pelicans, thousands strong, soars up the Mississippi River. Warblers of a dozen species, grounded by a cold front, sing across lush, waterfall-strewn ravines. Across miles of mud-caked soybean fields, the chatter of countless shorebirds joins the trumpeting of cranes. Owls and night-herons prowl the base of a moonlit bluff in the heart of a capital city. Meanwhile, painted buntings, purple gallinules, red-cockaded woodpeckers, white ibises, and least terns attend to the business of breeding. Highlights from a birding trip across the American continent? No, just a spring day in central Mississippi.

We've selected a few of the premier birding sites in the area to get you started, whether you're a veteran lister or a casual naturalist. Click on the interactive map to the left to explore these sites in detail.

Completed site descriptions: (feel free to contribute your own!)

LeFleur's Bluff SP
Pearl River WMA
Clinton Nature Center
Bienville NF
Rocky Springs/Natchez Trace
Vicksburg NMP